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What is the service and maintenance cost for cross polo?

By: Sidhan on 8 february 2015

7 Answers:

Volkswagen cross polo does not come with any free service offered by the company. Each service is due in either 12 months or 15000km, whichever is earlier. In each service, it is recommended to change engine oil and all types of filters used which generally results in about ? 8500 per service including service charge. After every 24 months, it is also recommended to change clutch and brake fluid for better performance. Hence, maintenance cost for cross polo for 5 years estimates to be about 44,000.

TeamAutoportal   2015-02-08

This car is really a good option in the hatchback but the problem is that there is no free service commitment from the company for this car. So this makes the maintenance cost much higher for this car in comparison to other hatchbacks of this segment. But there is a facility of paid service which one can take after 12 months or 15000 kms whichever comes first, the cost of each service charge is almost 8500 INR.

Jitender   2015-06-03

Though the car, cross polo is a good bet to invest your money if you judge it performance wise or any other point of view or parameters, but where the car is failed to win the confidence of the consumers is its maintenance cost. This car doesn’t come with a free service facility and thus you have to pay extra to get the service done after each interval. You have to shell out a whopping amount 44000INR to get the servicing of the car for 5 years.

Parag   2015-06-04

Among all other factors maintenance cost is one integral parameter which every car buyer like to emphasis and Volkswagen cross polo the new avatar of infamous polo particularly lacks in this matter. Because if you are buying a cross polo then you should be aware of the fact that there is no free service provided by the company for this car which makes total recurring cost of maintenance of the car much dearer.

aman   2015-06-06

Volkswagen Cross Polo is equipped with an advanced engine but there are still a few things which have to check on a regular basis and need to be maintained to keep the car in good condition as per the provided maintenance schedule. But the problem is that this car doesn’t come with a facility of free of cost maintenance service. Starting from servicing to changing the filters of the car for everything owner has to bear the cost which comes to 44000INR for five years.

Marzi   2015-06-08

Volkswagen cross polo is worth investing hatchback, it is a complete value for money car. But as a Volkswagen vehicle service and maintenance cost is higher comparing others. The company does not claim any free service so the cost of first service would be around 8500 including engine oil change and service charges. First service should be done after 15,000 kms or 1 year whichever comes first. Though, Cross polo features a robust 1.5 L CRDI engine, regular check ups and servicing is a must for smooth run and long life of the vehicle.

Manmeet   2015-06-19

In recent times, Volkswagen has come up with cheaper and user-friendly cars. Without any doubt, it stands as a potential market leader in the four-wheeler segment with an increasing success ratio. Being a brand that has numerous sales and service outlets throughout the nation, it does not concern itself with mechanic issues. The reasonably priced products of Volkswagen imply affordable service and maintenance costs. Official spare parts can be found at authorized dealership points. In fact, all maintenance and repairing services are provided free of cost to the user at hand, provided that his/her ride rests within the warranty period.

Anmol   2015-06-29

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