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Which is the best colour option in Volkswagen Jetta?

By: Nitu on 6 august 2014

7 Answers:

Reflex Silver Metallic,Toffee Brown Metallic( especially designed for Volkswagen Jetta),Candy White,Deep Black Pearl and Platinum Gray Metallic these are the five colour options available for Volkswagen Jetta, but now you think that which is the best colour option it would me be not possible to point out that this colour is the best colour because Volkswagen designers and engineers worked hard to get these perfect set of colour combination for Volkswagen Jetta which means now its totally on the customer to choose from above mentioned 5 colour option and according to my point to view all colours looks decent so it would not be fair to say that particular is good or bad.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-06

We can easily arrive at a decision to buy a particular car on the basis of engine power, torque, mileage, sitting capacity etc., but choosing the colour for that car is not so easy. Every one of us likes a particular colour and hate other ones. It can be said that multiple colour choices available in today's market has further raised this confusion. However, who does not want choices. Volkswagen, keeping in mind the various customer choices, has launched their flagship sedan Jetta 2015 in 7 different colour options i.e. Toffee Brown, Blue Silk, Reflex Silver, Deep Black, Pure White and Platinum Grey.

Sundar   2014-12-13

VW Jetta is a beautifully crafted B-class sedan that combines power, style and comfort. The Germen automaker wraps the car with some of the unique and refreshing color shades and matching interior for a classy feel. Jetta 2015 gives you an option to choose from 7 attractive colors - Blue silk, grey platinum, Toffee Brown, Blue Silk, Reflex Silver, Deep Black and Pure White. Though every color has its own impact and charm but I personally like Grey Platinum shade as it accentuates the look.

Pushpyant   2015-04-18

The Volkswagen have given a loads of choices to make from when selecting the colour of the car. You may feel easy to select a car amongst many just by selecting the specs,engine type and other things you desire but, the color is a hard thing to choose. The company have avail many type of colour to choose from you are welcome to select any because every colour gives it the best looks what a sedan must have.

Pranay   2015-06-10

Yes, Its is true that it is hard to select a color of the carefully car rather than thee model. As told in the above answer this car gives a handful of colour options to choose from and every colour makes it look beautiful. The Volkswagen engineers and experts have selected the colours very and so,in terms of choosing the colour go to the preference of your like non colour would look bad on it,will only enhance its beauty.

Rinash   2015-06-12

It is said so true in the above answers that,when you are buying a car it's easy to select a model just by sorting out the desired specs,engine and gizmos but, when it comes to colour it's hard to choose or to recommend. Every person have own likings and dislikings ,and for that reason Volkswagen has introduced the Volkswagen Jetta 2015 in 7 different colours like-Toffee Brown, Blue Silk, Reflex Silver, Deep Black, Pure White and Platinum Grey you can choose any of them the car will look fantastic as you want it to be.

Amol   2015-06-14

The car is availed by the Volkswagen in 7 shades-Toffee Brown, Blue Silk, Reflex Silver, Deep Black, Pure White and Platinum Grey. Yes, it's difficult to put your finger on one of the colours, all of the colours selected are remarkable and gives the car a great look. Choose what you prefer it would be better than asking for preferences and you would get the colour of your likings.

Himash   2015-06-16

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