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Which is the best varient of Volkswagen Jetta?

By: Virat on 27 august 2014

4 Answers:

Volkswagen Jetta available in 6 smart choice variants and all these variants are designed by keeping in mind baseline of providing best in class safety as per the company tradition and reasonable price tag so company covers all types of customers i.e. Top hand variant lovers, mid size satisfactory customers and Low end for those who just want to experience the driving of new Volkswagen Jetta. These above mentioned parameters shows that it would be difficult to point out from 6 variants i.e. which is the best variant because every variant have its own uniqueness and features. According to my point of view Variant selection for Volkswagen Jetta is totally dependent on customer and buyer should not the Volkswagen Jetta comes with both Diesel and Petrol motor option.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-27

There are total 6 variants of Volkswagen Jetta- Three petrol and three diesel. Both petrol and diesel version are available in three options namely trendline, comfortline and highline. Although all variants are fitted with necessary features, Highline variant is the most feature packed. Diesel Highline variant also comes with an option of automatic transmission. On one hand it gives a hassle free and smooth drive, on the other hand, it gives a lesser mileage than a manual diesel variant. Every buyer must choose a particular variant only according to his needs rather than by merely following trends.

Suhani   2015-02-14

Volkswagen is offering Jetta in total six variants. Out of them two are petrol and rest are diesel variants including one having the automatic transmission. Frankly, there is no such variant which can be called as best. It is the customer who can only decide what best he can get in his budget. Higher the price, higher would be the comfort and safety features. Similarly, the choice between petrol and diesel variants depends upon your daily running requirements. However, these days, automatic transmission variants are rapidly becoming people's choice.

Mohin   2015-02-20

In today’s Indian market, the new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta has 6 variants all together. All these variants have a similar baseline and all are of the reasonable price range. There are three tiers to the variants, one for the people who can spend extra money on their car, then comes the second tier in which there are a few features missing from the tier1 and then comes the third tier, which is basically the benchmark of this car. Pointing out the best is a nearly impossible job because when a customer is buying a car that car should cope up with the need of the customer.

Dinesh   2015-05-13

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