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How is the costing and maintenance of Volkswagen Jetta 2015?

By: Lakan on 15 march 2015

5 Answers:

The Volkswagen Jetta 2015 starts from a price range of 12.4 lacs with the basic trendline petrol version and rises up through comfortline and diesel engines, way up to highline version with automatic transmission which is quoted at 17.7 lacs making it a B-segment sedan car. However with better efficiency its running cost is as low as Rs. 3.5 per kilometre and maintaining cost is Rs. 9600 per year. (Costs may vary, depending upon fuel rates and usage)

TeamAutoportal   2015-03-15

Whenever you plan to buy any car, you must consider its yearly maintenance cost as well along with its on road price. Jetta starts at a price of 14.6 lakhs (base model) and follows up to 20 lakhs with a yearly maintenance of Rs 96000/-.Volkswagen's 2015 Jetta sedan comes with a 36,000-mile limited warranty as a new car. This warranty is valid for three years. It also has a 60,000-mile power train limited warranty as a new vehicle.

Divesh   2015-03-27

The base model i.e trendline petrol version of Volkswagen Jetta 2015 has ex. showroom price of 12.4 lakhs. There is one more petrol model, comfortline that cost around 15.7 lakh. In diesel segment, there is lot more options starting from diesel trendline to diesel automatic gearshift Jetta. The highline version with automatic transmission being the top-end version cost 17.7 lacs ex-showroom. Petrol cars are said be low maintenance cars comparing to diesel ones, though regular servicing, oil change and driveability plays a major role. For initial years, you will get free servicing so maintenance would be nil. But afterwards the yearly maintenance could cost you near 90,000 Rs.

Ram   2015-06-19

VW Jetta is a B-class sedan with two engine options. The ex. showroom price of Jetta diesel starts from 15.7 lac and goes till 20.6 lac ex. showroom for highline automatic Jetta being the top-end model. The base petrol model has tagged at ex. showroom price of 12.4 lakhs and the higher one cost 15.7 lakh. VW Jetta comes with first few free servicing for up to 36000 kms or for 3 years. Later, an yearly maintenance of Rs 95000 is estimated for Jetta 2015. Jetta Petrol runs 11 kmpl a litre in city and diesel motor claims 16 kmpl, which is a good running cost being a high-end sedan.

Shagun   2015-06-26

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the finest cars running in the Indian streets today. It is of medium price range starting at 12lakhs to 17.5lakhs. The price mainly varies due to customizations and other additional features as per choice of the user. It has very good fuel efficiency and the automatic transmission variant saves even more fuel. Speaking about maintenance, costing mainly depends on how frequently the maintenance is needed. It also depends on how the car is used. But in an average, the maintenance for this car is not less. It can stack up to 90k per year.

Harshdeep   2015-07-01

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