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Why do diesel Volkswagen Polo high on maintenance cost?

By: Palak on 17 december 2014

2 Answers:

The diesel Volkswagen Polo or you can say any other car, have lots of wear and tear. This is becaues of the fuel used. The diesel fuel have high combustion power and hence exertes more pressure on the walls of engine. The excessive pressure created by burning of diesel fuel damage engine. So this is why diesel cars require profer fluiding and care. Time to time service also become so much helpful for the car. In a nutshell The maintainence cost of Volkswagen Polo or any other car is high because of the high cumbustion poer of the diesel.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-17

Volkswagen Polo comes in both diesel and petrol mill but diesel mill require more maintenance because in diesel engine diesel is burnt with the help of high pressure which results in comparatively high wear and tear in the engine components while in petrol engine spark plug produced spark and fuel is burnt easily at low pressure. So this should be clear that regular changing old oils and pipes houses is required to make sure that engine stay in the working condition for long. Overall Volkswagen Polo is high on maintenance but low on running cost as compared to petrol variant of Volkswagen Polo.

William   2014-12-31

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