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What do you mean by high cost of ownership?

By: Sagar Sharma on 10 april 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Sagar Sharma !!

High cost of ownership means the overll expenditures done for the car. Right from buying car and maintaining the same. Compared to cars manufactured in India, the mainteance of other cars costs more because of higher cost of spares, consumables, cost of labour per hour and so on. Lower priced cars have comparatively lower price spares also. Hence overall maitnenance would be cheap. Besides that, the frequency of maintenance repairs also matters and is indicative of quality of the car.


Team Autoportal


TeamAutoportal   2015-04-13

High cost of ownership refers to the expenditure being incurred in maintenance and buying of a vehicle with the other companies vehicles cost for the same kind of maintenance activities. If a vehicle is coming costly in price and the spare parts, service and other related costs are higher in that case the cost of ownership will go higher. A very important aspect of the vehicle is its cost of ownership.

Sushank   2015-06-10

I am agreeing as well with the above statement. The cost of ownership can be said as the expenses incurred in order to keep you’re your vehicle maintained. This cost may be referred to the different kind of expenditures involved in the vehicle maintenance like oil cost, spare parts cost, replacement cost and most importantly comparison of it with the other vehicle different kind of costs.

Parful   2015-06-12

Yes guys even I am agree with the above statements, the cost of ownership is the process of getting things done in with your vehicle and then calculation of the cost for the purpose of comparison with the other vehicles maintenance cost. This way one can be able to get the ownership cost of a vehicle and it will help peoples to but a vehicle with less maintenance cost to keep your pocket safe. A vehicle having low cost of ownership is said to be a good vehicle.

Siddharth   2015-06-14

This is a term classified to determine the exact cost of the car that you pay to be the owner of a particular car. This is the entire on road price, which includes RTO, service tax, VAT, insurance and other charges. The new Volkswagen Polo’s diesel variants on road price come in the approx range of Rs. 7.5 to 8.6 Lakh and the petrol variants cost around Rs. 6.0 to 6.2 Lakh.

Sapna   2015-06-27

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