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My Polo revs abnormally and tend to acclerate even when my foot is not on the throttle. What could be the problem?

By: Lionel Pereira on 29 september 2015

1 Answers:

If your car is new it is unlikely that the issue lies with the throttle cable being stuck or something like that, if the throttle is drive-by-wire, it rules out the previous scenario altogether. Other possibilities includes issues with ECM or individual sensors malfunctioning. I would suggest to take the car to get to the nearest authorised service station and get it checked. It might happen that the issue does not occur always and it is intermittent. I would sugest to make a video in this case since most service representatives drive the car and if they do not face the issue themselves they think it's fine. I faced this issue with a Hyundai car myself. 

Ankit   2015-09-29

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