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Is the Polo getting banned in India. I was planning to buy this car.

By: Bhupender Parashar on 11 december 2015

6 Answers:

No, the Polo is not getting banned. There was a temporary issue due to which the sales were stopped. The company has no plans to stop the production of the car and you can buy the car without any issues.

Ashit   2015-12-11

NO! The polo is an awesome car and it is not getting banned at all. This car just had a temporary glitch in it because of which they called all the cars back to the dealers to fix the issue. This kind of history has often been experienced by many cars.

Lokesh Goyal   2015-12-19

The Polo is an awesome car and to answer your question it is not getting banned in India at all. This car has been bought by millions and what do you think they will be doing if at all the car is banned in the whole country? Will they get refund?

Manav Singh   2015-12-21

This car is very good and no its not banned or anything I do not know from where did you got such a notion however it is not banned in india and never will be. I own a polo and I totally love driving in it around with my family.

Kartik Kumar   2015-12-22

It was a Volkswagen blunder and cheating mechanism which was caught by the international authorities which was hence ordered the retreat of the car to be fixed. All the polos were called back to dealership to fix the glitch which the mega company VW made. To answer the question no its not banned.

Rahul   2015-12-24

No. The car is not banned or whatever in India but I would still suggest you not the buy the car as it contains several glitches and faults. It is a loot of money and not at all spacious. The only good thing is the VW logo in front of the car.

Daksh Sharma   2015-12-23

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