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I am looking for a petrol hatchback that works best on rugged roads, has good safety features and comfortable interiors. Since I would change my car in about 4 years, I am wondering if Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a good option or Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz, Ford Figo or some other hatch would offer me a better deal. Also, please evaluate in terms of resale value as well.

By: Amarjeet on 22 march 2016

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Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a wonderful car that offers good features as well as comforts and is pleasant to drive. Even in terms of safety features, the car is pretty loaded. Above all, Polo has a feel good factor and it definitely is a league ahead from the Hyundai i20 but then again, you have to drive it. My advice will be that you take a test drive of both and then make up your mind.
Other cars in this category are Honda Jazz and Figo among others. Honda Jazz is a great car from a very good car maker but then for a city drive Polo will prove to be better because Honda iVTEC performs its best on the highways at a higher torque level. Ford Figo however is a very good competitor that you should look into. It has a lot of features and driving dynamics are good too. In terms of maintenance, Honda would prove to be better in comparison to Volkswagen and Ford because both of these are heavy on pocket in terms of after sale service. Hyundai on the other hand will prove to be the best in this department though.
Resale value for a Honda Jazz would be decent but not great, while for Ford Figo today the value is quite high especially because it is performing really well and as compared to other Ford cars, its maintenance is also lesser. When we talk about Volkswagen Polo, it should command a good value too and for a petrol variant it can be anywhere from 3 to 4 lakhs. Hyundai on the other hand would bring in good numbers as it stands only second to Maruti when it comes to resale value. You should also keep in mind that resale value of a car is dependent on many factors including year, ownership, condition of the drive and body etc. Therefore, that is something that you will have to play a bet on.  


Ashwani   2016-03-23

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