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How to adjust camshaft timing in Volkswagen Polo?

By: Karan on 30 march 2016

1 Answers:

As per user experiences below should be the procedure for adjusting camshaft timing but remember that the primary source of information is the user/service manual.

• The Camshaft pulley has 2 important marks on it. A little notch on the engine side and a OT mark on the other side. The flywheel has 2 marks, BTDC (Before Top Dead Center) and TDC (Top Dead Center), Removing the spark plugs (if they are not out already) helps a lot. Turn the engine by hand until you get this mark in the flywheel.

• The little 0 mark in the center of the Hole in the gearbox is the TDC mark. It means the No1 piston is in TDC position and both inlet and outlet valves are closed and maximum compression in the chamber. That means that the spark plug is supposed to fire when the piston is at that point.

• If you are not sure about the flywheel, insert a long screwdriver in No1 cylinder through the spark plug hole and check while slowly turning the engine if the screwdriver is moving. That will give you an idea if the piston is at TDC.

• Now check whether it points to the little notch or not, if it doesn't you have to loosen the belt, get it off the camshaft pulley and turn the rotor by hand until it points to the notch. Put the belt back and make sure the rotor doesn't move. Now check the camshaft pulley marks.

• Tight the belt tensioner according to specs and make sure the belt is not too tight. You should be able to twist by hand 90° no more, no less.

• The cam timing is finished. You have adjusted everything as per specification which is 0° advance for the camshaft.

Sunil   2016-03-30

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