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Does the front tyre require more air or back? Also, why aren’t they kept equal?

By: Dr antony on 9 august 2016

1 Answers:

The front tyre pressure varies between 33 psi to 35 psi whereas the rear tyre pressures vary from 29 psi to 33 psi. The front tyre for any vehicle will always require more tyre pressure due to the extra weight of the engine on it at all times. The rear tyres can have a lower tyre pressure as there is almost no load on them unless the vehicle has passengers on the rear seats as well luggage occupying the boot space.

This combination of tyre pressures is set by the manufacturer to ensure highest mileage as well as performance of the engine and also so that the car offers a comfort ride as well. If the front and rear tyre pressure are kept towards the higher side then the vehicle will bounce a lot on every pothole on the road and if both the tyre pressures are kept on the lower side then the engine will have to put in that extra effort to produce more power to drag the wheels as lesser the tyre pressure more friction will be faced by the wheels. So to balance it out, the front tyres have a marginally higher pressure than the rear tyres at all times.

Priyanka   2016-08-09

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