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Why engine is getting heated?

By: Rajendra on 5 september 2014

6 Answers:

Hello Rajendra..

As part of heat developed in combustion chamber spreads to cylinder walls, the engine temperature goes on increasing. However after the cylinder walls get heated upto some extent, the coolent circulating in the cylonder block gets heated up . Once coolant temperature exceeds certain limit, the thermostat switch is opened up and circulation of coolant takes place till the temperature of coolant and hence temperature of cylinder comes down to permissible limit. The process keeps on continuing in the same manner.


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Sonal Gupta   2014-09-05

It is a bit technical kind of matter, as a result of running longer at higher speeds the temperature of the engines goes up due to the fuel combustion, which will result in the heating up of the cylinder wall. As a result of that the coolant will start spreading inside the walls of engine chamber to keep it cool. You can watch the rising temperature on a meter installed you’re your vehicles front console. Coolant will take care of it up to certain extent but once coolant is unable to keep the engine cool then the engine will start getting heated again. You might have to stop for some hours to get it cool.

Pratham   2015-04-17

Yes I am agree with the answer given by my dear friend, it is technical but by applying little common sense this situation can be taken care of. Engine heat up is the part of the game as while running the thermostat will go higher as a result of the running operation. Obviously coolant is there to take care of that but if you keep giving the race to the vehicle again the process will be continued. So either decrease your speed or stop for some time.

Ridhimesh   2015-04-20

I have same thoughts here, engine gets heated up due to high level of fuel combustion, when the petroleum fuel gets burnt the engine releases pressure which results in the running of the engine shaft and piston. When running the vehicle on speed this process will be speeded up and hence coolant is unable to keep the engine under the control so the engine gets heated up. Stop for some time and close the engine.

Meghnesh   2015-04-22

All the answers are technically perfect we know the process now how the engine gets heated up, so I will share my experience with you what you can use when you get into the situation. First of all close the ignition to off position and then wait for minimum 30 minutes. One raising factor will be the heat outside so if the weather is warm then keep the vehicle under speed limit. Stop the AC frequently; if the AC is automatic then you need not to take care of it. In worst situations get some water and treat the radiator with the water available in certain models only.

Ojas   2015-04-24

Volkswagen Vento is one of the cars that come with a finest built quality and the entire concept helps to offer an excellent driving experience no matter how odd are the conditions on various roads. Its engine and other components go through extreme tests in which their performance in various conditions is measured. However, if any user comes across the issue of the heating of its engine then it is only considered a model specific issue and the entire series cannot be blamed for that.

Sudhir   2015-06-21

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