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Which is the best colour option in Volkswagen Vento?

By: Kapil on 19 september 2014

7 Answers:

What if i say you that Volkswagen Vento have only those colour combinations which not only look good but feels like as these colours are made for being on Volkswagen Vento only because Volkswagen designers and engineers are famous for their unique art work which unmatchable to other products viable in the Indian Automobile market which means it would me far more easy for all new buyers to select colour because their is no scope of selecting any odd colours which can fades the Volkswagen Vento looks. Their are total six colour options available for Volkswagen Vento which includes Candy White,Terra Beige Metallic,Deep Black (this particular colour is specially design to give Volkswagen Vento more unique touch),Reflex Silver,Shadow Blue and Pepper Grey. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-19

There are total six color options available for Volkswagen Vento which includes Candy White, Terra Beige Metallic and Deep Black. These colors are especially selected to enhance the beauty of outer profile of Volkswagen Vento. According to my point of view all these looks fabulous on this car which means you can shooed any color of your choice i.e. final choice only depends on buyer. I finally say that it will be not fair for other colors if I recommend you to go for particular color.

Kirti   2015-02-15

You may not feel any problem about deciding a car based on its engine performance and other technical parameteres, but choosing the right colour for it is a difficult question which is generally not resolved easily. Today every manufacturer is presenting new vibrant colour option in its models to attract more and more customers. Volkswagen has also offered their great sedan Vento in 5 different colour options i.e. Tofee Brown, Candy White, Deep Black Pearl, Reflex silver, Night Blue. All the colours look beautiful on vento and definitely make it look a class apart.

Shaymal   2015-03-06

The Volkswagen is a German company which have always believed in customers priority and satisfaction. The company when introduced the car Volkswagen Polo they also gave a variation of colors to choose from to that the customers may find the exact color of their liking on their car. They company have introduced 6 different colors - Candy White, Terra Beige Metallic and Deep Black all the colors are selected to make the car look best so, no matter what color you choose the car will look great.

Paramjeet   2015-06-18

The Volkswagen Vento is one among the most desired cars owing to its features and of course that is comes from such a renowned brand. Along with great features, the car is also available in trendy and attractive color combinations that further make the car look great. The colors that are available in the Vento are selected in such a way that it caters to the needs of people all ages. The young ones could choose a vibrant color like the candy white terra; beige metallic deep and the adults could go for pepper grey or reflex silver shadow.

Kashish   2015-06-20

The Volkswagen Vento is one of the best-designed cars that belong to the Volkswagen group. The car is not only for its features and engine but is also very famous as it offers great color combination. They offer some very attractive colors that make the car look even better. They offer pepper grey, white candy terra, reflex silver shadow and beige black metal deep. The customers can select the car that matches their taste the best.

Nirbhay   2015-06-22

The Volkswagen automobile company is very famous for the brilliant cars and the Vento is one such car that makes the brand more desirable. The Vento is a great car and what makes it look greater are the vibrant and attractive colors it comes in. the car is available in colors like beige metallic deep, white candy terra, pepper and reflex silver shadows. All the colors make this car look perfect.

Rias   2015-06-24

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