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Which car out of Volkswagen Vento, Nissan Sunny and Ford Fiesta is preferable in terms of comfort, safety, maintenance and mileage?

By: Ramana on 8 june 2016

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Out of Volkswagen Vento, Nissan Sunny and Ford Fiesta, Nissan is bigger and wider therefore, it offers more legroom as well as shoulder room. Sunny is quite relaxed as well when it comes to the interiors but the Volkswagen car is designed to offer you the maximum comfort. At the same time, I would like to say that comfort is a very subjective matter therefore you should experience the cars yourself to be able to judge them better.
In terms of safety though, each of the cars is at par with the other with just slight differences here and there. As far as the mileage is concerned, Ford Fiesta offers around 25kmpl while Volkswagen Vento delivers a figure of 20.5kmpl and Nissan Sunny has a claimed mileage of 22.71kmpl. In the longer run and day to day driving, these figures might vary and each of them would deliver close to 18-19kmpl with figures varying very minutely. The basic difference in these cars is definitely in terms of maintenance where Nissan and Volkswagen would be at the higher end whereas Ford would be a little lesser than the other two. However, all the three, when compared with the industry in general are quite high when it comes to the maintenance cost in the longer run especially because spares in each of these cost quite a bit. Therefore one can say that the preference between these three cars would be quite a personal choice because more or less they are quite similar to each other.

Naman   2016-06-08

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