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In what conditions do airbags deploy?

By: Muskan on 2017-21-05

1 Answers:

The deployment of airbags depends on the impact of the collision. Airbag control Unit is the main part which controls the airbag through impact calculation and chemical mixture. Typically, the airbags are designed to deploy in "moderate to severe" frontal or near-frontal crashes and even when car is going down a slope and hits the ground or gets into a deep pit which are defined as crashes that are equivalent to hitting a solid, fixed barrier at 25 to 30 kmph speed or higher. Airbags should definitely not be deployed under 20 km, but it really depends on the impact of the collision. Your car might be going at 20 km, but some vehicle might hit you at 100 kmph.

Also, it may be noted that airbags are designed not to open under all accident situations as this may cause injury to the occupants. It is recommended to be at least 10 inches from where the airbag is located. Wearing a seatbelt keeps passengers from becoming too close to the airbag.

Ramesh    2017-21-05

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