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Why do I need to replace the clutch plate of my Volkswagen Vento so often?

By: R C PILLAI on 2017-06-12

1 Answers:

There are many things people do to prematurely wear out their car clutch. How long your car goes without having to replace the clutch depends entirely on the way it is driven. Here are some suggestions about how to change your driving style to save your clutch and your money.

• Avoid partial engagement of clutch combined with simultaneous opening of throttle as it puts a lot of pressure on the clutch plate.

• Using the clutch to keep the car from rolling back instead of the hand brake burns the clutch, gradually.

• Don’t change gear more frequently than necessary. The clutch is supposed to be used only to change gears, so pressing the clutch when it is not necessary leads to unwanted wear and tear. So, where your clutch would normally run 40,000 kms it will fail in 20,000 kms.

• Leaving the car parked in gear puts strain on the clutch even when the engine is switched off. If at all possible you should use the handbrake to secure the car when parking instead of leaving your vehicle in gear. This will reduce the amount of pressure put on the clutch disc when you are not driving.

• Shifting before the clutch is fully disengaged - or letting the clutch pedal out without being completely in gear - is a clutch killer.

• Don’t rest your foot on clutch – even the slightest weight on the pedal causes it to disengage the clutch partially, causing it to slip and wear quickly.

• Holding the clutch pedal down for long periods can also damage the ball bearing in the clutch assembly. So, if you know that you’re not going to move in next 20 seconds. Stop and put the car in neutral.

Praveen    2017-06-12

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