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  • Volvo XC30
    Volvo XC30
    Expected Launch: Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
    20.00 - 25.00 Lakh Expected Price
  • Volvo C70
    Volvo C70
    Expected Launch: Nov 2018 - Dec 2018
    24.00 - 29.00 Lakh Expected Price

About Volvo Cars

AB Volvo is an International automobile mechanized company with headquarters in Gothenburg in Sweden. Its main activity is the manufacture, delivery and sale of buses, trucks, and construction apparatus. Volvo as well delivers industrial and marine drive systems, and offers fiscal services. Even though Volvo was recognized in 1915 as a supplementary of AB SKF, a ball bearing producer from Sweden, the auto producer believes itself authoritatively originated on 14-4-1927, when the first sedan, the Volvo ÖV 4 sequence, lovingly called as "Jakob", rolled out of the industrial unit at Hisingen in Gothenburg. In Latin the meaning of Volvo is "I roll", conjugated from "volvere", related to ball bearings.

The name Volvo was at first registered in 1911 as a part corporation within SKF AB and as a scheduled brand with the purpose to be employed for a particular sequence of ball bearing. This thought was only utilized for a small period of time and SKF determined to exercise "SKF" as the brand name for all its bearing produces. An Engineer Gustav Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, an SKF Sales executive, who were the two founders, determined to create construction of a Swedish sedan in 1924. Their dream was to construct sedans that could survive the severities of cold temperatures and rough roads of Sweden.

The corporation AB Volvo had no actions pending 10-8-1926. After one year of planning concerning the manufacture of ten models, was set up to perform the car-manufacturing trade in the SKF group. In 1935, AB Volvo was launched at the Stockholm stock exchange and SKF subsequently determined to sell its shares in the corporation. Volvo was removed from the list of NASDAQ, but stays listed on the Stockholm exchange. Volvo sold its coupé division to the Ford Motor Company at a cost of $6.45 billion in 1999. The Volvo brand name was distributed between AB Volvo, where it is employed on heavy motor vehicles, and the part of Ford Motor Company, where it was employed on sedans. In 2005, Volvo stopped up redistributing profits and Ford determined to sell its interest in Volvo Cars in 2008. Ford finished its Volvo sale to Geely Automobile, the blood relation of Chinese motor producer for $1.8 billion in August 2010.

Volvo Trucks is the second-biggest heavy-duty truck product in the world; over 95 percent the automobiles they constructed are in the weighty category that weighs more than 16 tons. Their trucks are serviced and sold in over 140 nations throughout the world. The company's selling plan is based on client point of reference and is maintained by more than 2300 workshops and dealerships. The trucks are the nucleus products in their entire offer, which as well contains service, aftermarket and comprehensive offers. Volvo Trucks has a manufacture structure based on international presence. They own eight wholly-possessed assembly units and nine industrial units possessed by home interests. Approximately, 95 percent of the company's manufacture competence is situated in Belgium, Sweden, the USA and Brazil. All over their manufacture equipments and their whole organization, they concentrate on their core values that include excellence, protection and concern for the surroundings. The company is equipped with 17,000 devoted workers; Volvo Trucks struggles to have pleased clients and to be an eye-catching company. Volvo offers shipping connected services and products paying attention on safety, quality and environmental care. The company was established over 80 years ago, a worldwide reputation and a solid position have been put up together more than three decades. The product is shared between Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.

The Swedish automobile manufacturer, Volvo, which has engraved out a niche for itself in the best bus fragment but did not perform extremely well with its car division, is now scheduled to concentrate on the lavishness automobile market, and still toying with the thought of installing home assembly functions. Volvo Auto India, an entirely-owned supplementary of the Volvo Car Group possessed by the China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, is getting ready for a lasting plan for India to increase more quantities in the 30,000 cars per year. They are contesting against stronger competitors of Germany who have put up a huge sharing network that is assisted by home divisions to roll out sedans at lesser taxes. But they have to import sedans by paying elevated taxes. Consequently, it will make common sense to assemble their sedans in the vicinity to pass on the advantages to their purchasers and enhance their share in the Indian automobile market.

However, the Swedish parent corporation is so far not cleared any assembly capability in India and has not confirmed any new investment arrangements. Tomas did not provide any type of time frame for choosing a site for the intended home assembly division in India and said that head office would get a call in the future. Volvo Buses have been using in India for the past 15years and they possess the matchless experience as far as high-performing means of transportation applications are concerned. By means of a state-of-the-art industrial unit close to Bangalore and the entire profile of being a comprehensive transportation solutions supplier, Volvo has a matchless capability to appreciate the requirements of the Indian automobile market and organize products consequently. Nowadays Volvo Buses have achieved a headship position in the city bus and coach fragments in India. The company as well exports Volvo buses to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and South Africa. Their official website offers the customer information about their complete manufactured good range and aftermarket assistance services which balance them.

Volvo Trucks is the second biggest manufacturer of heavy trucks and transfer solutions within the whole motor vehicle industry. They provide the transportation industry with whole transportation solutions and their customers are holed up by more than 2300 workshops and dealerships in over 140 nations around the world. Since 1884, Volvo Trucks have been a pompous supporter of the Gothenburg Opera. In the middle of an opera, recitals, and the most recent accumulation to the Volvo Trucks family unit is the novel Volvo FH16, which plays an indispensable part offering logistical assistance and inserting value to all that constructs life worth living. The aerodynamic look of the novel design creates the vehicle still roomier inside and a meeting with the engineers who made it promising.

History of Volvo

The Volvo cluster has its source when the primary Volvo sedan rolled off the manufacture line at the industrial unit in Gothenburg in 1927. During 1927 only 280 sedans were constructed. The primary truck, the "Series 1", entered first as an instantaneous success and fascinated attention outside the nation in January 1928. During 1930, Volvo marketed 639 sedans, and the sending of trucks to Europe commenced soon after; the sedans did not turn out to be famous exterior to Sweden pending after the Second World War.

Marine engines have been a division of the Volvo collection more or less as long as trucks. In 1907 Pentaverken was founded and in 1935 it was obtained. However, the U-21 external engine was released in the early of 1929s and the manufacturing was continued pending 1962. The primary bus, with the name B1, was introduced in 1934, and airplane engines were included in the budding range of manufactured goods during the commencement of the 1940s. In 1963, Volvo established the Volvo Halifax gathering unit, the primary gathering plant in the history of the company exterior of Sweden in Halifax in Canada.

The Volvo grouping marketed its business area “Volvo Car Corporation” to the Volkswagen Motor Group for US$6. 45 billion on 28 January 1999, with the resultant group mostly set on profitable motor vehicles. After 10 years Volkswagen Motor Group sold Volvo sedans to Chevrolet in 2010.

On 2 January 2001, Renault Vehicles Industries, which contained Mack Trucks, but not Renault's venture in Iris bus, was marketed to Volvo, which rechristened it Renault Trucks in 2002. Consequently, ex - parent corporations Renault turned out to be an AB Volvo's leading shareholder with a 20% bet in voting rights and shares. AB Volvo obtained from Nissan Motor Co Ltd, which is a division of the Nissan- Renault Alliance, 13 percent of the shares in the Japanese truck producer UD Trucks previous Nissan Diesel, and turned out to be a main shareholder in 2006. The Volvo Group got the entire proprietorship of Nissan Diesel In 2007 to widen its existence in the Asian Pacific automobile market.

In the final ten years, the corporation has undergone speedy development in the service part like fiscal solutions assisting the sales of the mechanized business units. Renault puts up for 14.9% of stake for sale in AB Volvo in 2010. Up to this deal, "The Swedish holding company", which as well has stakes in other companies of Sweden own 18.7% of the voting privileges and 6.2% of the share assets. The Swedish investment company is at present the AB Volvo major shareholder. Renault has marketed the 62.5% of most recent proprietorship shares in December 2012.

Volvo’s business

Lots of these Volvo B7RLE buses are broadly employed in public transportation schemes in Chennai. The operation of Volvo Group includes:

Volvo Trucks are an international truck producer based in Sweden, possessed by Volvo collection – AB. Volvo it is the second biggest heavy-duty motor vehicle brand in the world.

Volvo Trucks like heavy-duty trucks for long distance shipping and midsize-duty trucks for local shipping and, in addition to heavy-duty trucks to the building work segment

Volvo Group was rationalized, and as a division of the course on January 1, 2012, Volvo Trucks ended to be a part company and was in its place integrated into Volvo Group Trucks, jointly with other truck products of Volvo.

In 1928, the primary Volvo truck rolled off the manufacture lines and Volvo Trucks were used by around 19,000 people all over the world in 2011. With international headquarters in Gothenburg in Sweden, Volvo produces and brings together its trucks in 15 nations. Volvo Trucks manufactures and markets more than 100,000 units per year.

Volvo Trucks sister truck products in the Volvo Group Trucks corporation comprise of Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks and UD Trucks.  Mack Trucks are light-duty means of transportations for close delivery and heavy-duty are means of transportations for long distance shipping. Renault Trucks are heavy-duty means of transportations for local shipping and heavy-duty means of transportations are for the construction work most part.              UD Trucks are middle-size duty means of transportation. “VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd”, is an equal combined business enterprise between the Eicher Motors Limited and Volvo Group. Volvo Construction Equipment is a construction company for machines.

Volvo brand name holding AB is similarly possessed by Volvo Car Corporation and AB Volvo. The major activity of the corporation is to possess, maintain, defend and care for the Volvo brand names including Volvo, the Volvo device marks like iron mark and grille slash, Volvo Penta and Volvo Aero for its proprietors and to authorize these rights to its proprietors. The everyday work is concentrated on maintaining the international portfolio of brand name registrations and to make bigger adequately the possibility of the registered defense for the Volvo brand names. The major business is as well to take action against illegal registration and employ including imitating the brand names similar or similar to the Volvo brand names on an international basis.

The reliable sources of Volvo India said that Volvo proposes to vend 1100 to 1200 units in 2013. However, to create this vision a reality, the corporation requires to begin a few innovative and aggressive marketing plans, which are not being worked out at the instant. In contrast, Mercedes-Benz India, its toughest competitor, has instigated the Pulsate movement in connection with MTV, for the encouragement of its A-category lavishness hatchbacks. A Facebook movement of the B-category tour vehicle is as well awaken and running. In the same way, Audi has also opened a Facebook page with the title “I love Audi”, where car fanatics are inquiring for the grounds why they adore the German marquee.

The Volvo, the Swedish automobile manufacturer is comparatively a new applicant in India, with insufficient knowledge among purchasers. The majority of people recognize the company as one which manufactures trucks and buses. During a 2009 television marketable discussion about lavishness sedan S80 was instigated, but nothing much has occurred ever since. It is significant for the company to widen consciousness among the Indian purchasers of at present, such that they can believe seriously about the company and its manufactured goods. As anticipated, more than a few purchasers are as well ignorant about the service channels and the trustworthiness of these motor vehicles. Volvo India lined in first rate golfer Jeev Milkha Singh as its brand name diplomat in the month of April this year. June 2013 would observe the launch of the novel V-40 Cross Country, a car which appears similar to a merger between a Sports Utility Vehicle and a car. It would appeal to purchasers who are staring features, luxury and style and would vie against Mercedes-Benz B-category touring sedan. The sedan would make a maximum power output of 148bhp of a diesel engine and would cost Rs. 25 lakhs. Additionally, the engine is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Volvo India, the home division of Swedish automobile manufacturer, has structured an aggressive arrangement for the automobile market with a sales goal of 35%t development in the continuing year. Subsequent to this arrangement, the automobile company has to distribute 1100 units in the nation. The car manufacturer handled to present 821 units to Indian spectators during 2012 and 320 sedans in 2011. Reportedly, the auto manufacturer observed a civilized achievement following focusing on the Hyderabad automobile market, in which it acknowledged an awe-inspiring reaction from the purchasers. The company sources said that the marketing and promotional strategies implemented in Hyderabad will be at present implemented in the South Indian automobile markets like Kochi and Chennai. According to auto industry professionals, the auto manufacturer has fixed high expectations from the Indian market because of its novel launched sedan, the V40 Cross Country, which will definitely pull out a few civilized volumes from the auto market. Reportedly, the novel replica from Volvo will come into view in the Indian day sometime about August 2013.

Subsequent to the launch of a newfangled form, the Swedish automobile manufacturer is as well scheduling to enhance the number of its elite dealerships. Fascinatingly, Volvo India has unlocked the doors of its primary service center in Kochi and by the closing stages of the present year; the statistics are anticipated to arrive at 13 to 14 throughout the country. The launch of novel models will definitely assist the automobile manufacturer to shape a sturdy foothold in the Indian automobile marketplace because in the present situation, the market existence of Volvo India is more or less insignificant. However, the prologue of the V40 Cross Country sedan is anticipated to get the market by tempest and twist the tides in Volvo’s good turn in India.

For details, visit Volvo's official India website

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