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Is LPG or CNG versions available of Volvo S60 in India?

By: Mallesh on 2014-21-08

3 Answers:

The Volvo engineers make use of all possible innovative ideas and sophisticated technology in a mission to acheove perfection in manufacture of the car. Any changes in its mechanisms would lead to imbalance in performance of engine and vehicle as a whole. Also a customer who can spend more than 50Lakh to own a high performance car would seldom worry about expenditures on fuel. Hence its not a worthy point to fit LPG/CNG kit to the same.


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Sonal Gupta     2014-21-08

Volvo S60 is available in four variants three of them comes equipped with diesel powered engine while one variant is powered by the petrol engine. Unfortunately, none of its variant is available with CNG or diesel engine. Though, integrating the car with CNG or LPG kits reduces the overall running cost of the vehicle but it also results downfall in the power and performance of the vehicle. As, Volvo S60 is a high end luxury sedan it is not advisable to get it fitted with CNG or LPG kit.

Ishan    2015-13-03

I also agree, getting the CNG or LPG kit fitted in Volvo S60 by any external dealer would hurt the overall power and performance of the vehicle. As the vehicle has been built with highly sophisticated technology and any alteration in its mechanism would hurt the performance of the car. If you are concern about the mileage, you can go for its diesel variant which gives 20 kmpl+ mileage.

Ishmeet    2015-15-03

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