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My family is a priority for me and the safety of each member is essential, so I want to buy a car which is safer than others and does not cost much.

By: Rakshanda on 2014-23-12

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It is true that the D4 variant of Volvo S60 comes with a number of advanced safety features that are available in the top brands like BMW, Mercedes and a few others. Its astonishing safety features include City Safety of 50kmpl in avoiding collision, driver support package, and adaptive cruise control with Queue Assist and Distance Alert, collision warning with full auto brake and pedestrian detection, driver alert control, lane departure warning, active bending lights, dual xenon technology, dynamic stability and traction control with advanced stability control with traction torque vectoring and sport mode, trailer stability assist, intelligent driver information system and many more. Braking system plays a vital role in the safety of a car and this car is powered by anti-lock brake system with Hydrualic brake assist and ready alert brakes. For the safety of the driver and the co-passenger, it has dual airbags, side airbags, and inflatable curtain, collapsible steering column to reduce the risk of injury to the driver. For a better handling, Volvo S60 D4 comes with multi functional power steering. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-23-12

I was challenged in a race and the moment I pressed the accelerator, but picked up the speed so late that I almost lost the race which made me very unhappy. I am very disappointed with my purchase for all the reasons, especially the engine performance has made me unhappy to a great extent. The features are also not up-to-date for which I feel embarrassed in front of my friends as they have nice cars.

Gaurav    2015-09-07

I want to even make a complaint to the company for delivering this piece of crap to me. The moment I want to press the accelerator for speeding up the engine performs so late. I feel as if I am driving a car which has not been made by the top companies but come from a different planet altogether. The brakes are strong enough, but what is the use when the speed up factor is so dull.

Ashutosh    2015-30-07

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