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Can Volvo S60 be put into daily use?

By: Rahul on 2015-13-01

5 Answers:

Volvo S60 is the one of the famous sedan which have some good and unique features which are very hard to find in most of sedans. The best part of ownership of Volvo S60 is that driver can easily steer through city traffic because of sensitive steering and when it comes to parking in crowed places then the dimension of 4628 mm x 2096 mm x 1484 mm are reasonable to fit car easily. Their are also some electronic gadgets which helps in increasing comfort especially when planning for long road trips. Overall Volvo S60 is a spacious sedan which have some good qualities which makes it move easily and comfortably. The maintenance and running cost of Volvo S60 is also reasonable and according to my point of view these figures are hard to find with this much performance parameters.
Sonal Gupta    2015-13-01

If you check fact and figures then you will find that only those cars can fit in daily use which shows good fuel economy numbers with low maintenance cost. Let's talk about Volvo S60, this sedan only comes in diesel motor option which shows good fuel economy number of 21.7 kmpl and when it comes to maintenance you have to pay slight more than the rivals of Volvo, but those price tags are acceptable with good performance numbers. Volvo S60 is blessed with decent cabin design which provides good comfort. Overall Volvo S60 is the perfect car for daily use especially for business class peoples.

Aazad    2015-30-01

This D segment deluxe sedan has now got a better engine. In addition, this car has got a strong technological base which, lays down its performance, fuel-efficiency and safety. Its latest dynamic design too caters it enhance its sporty character. S60 is loaded with 2 diesel engines-D4 and D5. Both the engines are pretty efficient including high power and torque and this makes the operation even in streets quite smooth. The electronic gadgets included in the car also make the remuneration. The maintenance and running cost of this car is too affordable.

Dhruv    2015-23-02

The Volvo S60 is a great car but I am not so sure that you should put it into a daily use because of its mileage figures. You see the mileage is not very good and so no. But in case you have a big pocket you can go for it.

ranjan choudhary    2015-04-03

Yes the Volvo S60 is a totally functional car and you can put it into use on a daily basis without any problem. However I would not suggest it for bad road conditions as the after sales may kill you if a part gets spoiled or damaged in driving there.

krishan gopal    2015-06-03

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