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Volvo S80 Reviews

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32 Volvo S80 User Reviews

The car with a difference!

Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: Vaibhav Gorai on 28 october 2015
The Volvo S80 makes a loud noise in its advertisement but fails to deliver on many important fronts that hamper its sales in India. Although the car comes with a host of new features like the paddle shift and a voice activated central console, the car delivers an okay performance with difficult h...  Read More »

Does fit in heighted area

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Keshav Singh on 11 october 2015
I don’t have the similar opinion about Volvo S80 as I believe it has been able to provide customers with the luxurious as well as fuel efficient car. It’s both variants D4 and D5 delivers the same result. They have been delivering the customers with pretty good fuel efficiency reaching 16 kmpl so...  Read More »

An excellent luxury sedan

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Dinesh Makhija on 21 september 2015
Volvo S80 is an excellent luxury sedan, my neighbor is using it from past four months and he is quite satisfied with it, I also drove it several times its handing and acceleration is really good but the company has to increase the number of authorized service station in India.  Read More »

Not good for heighted areas

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Keshav singh on 13 august 2015
I am not agreeing with what Rahul said, I own a D4 and I know its limitation. When somebody ask you wow! Volvo what is the little capacity, I have to say I don’t have much idea about it as its look like a shame saying a 50 lac car is having 2.0 L engine which can displace 1984cc. The mileage I go...  Read More »

Don’t see a future in India

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Rahul Khanna on 11 august 2015
That’s not correct, Volvo wanted to make a car which will be capable, luxurious as well as fuel efficient. The Volvo Summum D4 and D5 are the result of the same. Volvo D4 and D5 generate very good fuel efficiency with diesel almost 16 KMPL which is a very good sign. I liked my D5 as it has all th...  Read More »

Rivals offering a lot better

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: Aditya dhanraj on 9 august 2015
I acknowledge the same, The Volvo Summum Buyer should be very loyal to Volvo in order to buy this car, and otherwise I don’t see a point which will attract one to buy this kiddish car. Person spending 45-50 lacs of rupees are having a lot of engines available with companies like Audi, Mercedes an...  Read More »

A highly priced Volvo S80

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Suhash Chawala on 7 august 2015
You are absolutely right Mr. Chauhan, The Volvo is a well-known bus manufacturer and their engines are very powerful and performing but don’t know what happened to Volvo this time. The engine column on Volvo is rear underpowered however the same cannot be said with the kind of power and performan...  Read More »

Underpowered engine

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Ponty Chauhan on 5 august 2015
The Volvo Summum has been a nice sedan available at a high price which has not been expected. The Summum is available in two engine types, Summum D4 and Summum D5. The engine on both of the variant is underpowered. D4 is having an engine of 1984 cc and the engine on D5 is a 2400 cc engine. A car ...  Read More »

Wonderful Car

Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: Sidharth on 29 july 2015
I feel delighted to take my family out on rides and drives for this reason that I have a wonderful car which is extreme in all its ways. The comfort factor, style and smooth drive of the car makes me feel extremely proud as its owner and doesn't make me feel bad or conned by other friends of mine...  Read More »

Car with amazing seats

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Rakesh Sharma on 20 july 2015
The driver who will drive this car will surely not want to even touch it again so bad its driving quality is. I was devasted after I drove the car for the first time and decided to get out of the car after my first two rounds itself. I mean why people make such cars when they don't know what exac...  Read More »
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