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What are the pros and cons of this car?

By: Deepika on 13 february 2015

8 Answers:

Its available in various engines such as 4 cyl turbocharged petrol engine with power of 180HP, 5 Cylinder turbocharged petrol engine delivering high power of 254HP . In diesel version also various power options are available. Customers are given wide range of choices in selection of models suiting their requirments and satisfying passion of owning best of cars. Limitation is the price range.Its too high priced considering the general price ranges of  cars that are sold in large numbers in India.
TeamAutoportal   2015-02-13

This car has several plus points primary among them is the presence of innovative safety features, Powerful engine with decent acceleration and pickup, good design, superb interiors, and is available in both petrol and diesel variants. If we count its negatives, the first few things that come to mind is comfort features are less as compared to its rivals, high ownership cost and high maintenance cost. However, if we look at it in totality, then we come to the conclusion that, despite few negatives, it is a wonderful car.

Neha   2015-02-26

Volvo v40 cross country is one of the product of volvo made by the swedish company volvo main ly for the pourpose of ruling the market with it’s great features such as an outstanding interiors whioch is provided in it , it’s engine is one of thew normal type of engine with a 4 stroke cycled turbo engine running on both petrol and diesal , with an high power of engine 245HP , nower days which is common in neach and every car coming in the market but the speciality is the interior designs and various feature which is provided in it such as the DVD player,four speakers , a lot of comfortable space inside it maki9ng it’s ride very much comfortable for the people who are using it .

Nirbhay   2015-08-01

Volvo v40 cross is the car having a series of merits in it such as it’s interior luxarious design I which volvo have a record , from the starting of volvo cars in the market, so that is not a matter of issue ,the one of the thing to be think is it’s cost , as it a luxorious car so, it is a very much difficult task to buy and maintain it because it is a work of very much of expense which is not affordable for any normal person , so it is a luxorious car with fantastic designs , exteriors and interiors having a great performance on the road mainly in the case of grip which is provided by it’s high grip tyres and high power engine ,it has a lot of the features as interiors , such as Dvd player speaker ,comfortable seats and a lot of space to make people comfortable.

Suchita   2015-08-03

Volvo is always curious towards its fantastic designes which have ruled the world since a long time and this time also it had established a milestone in the market that it can be never be defeted in the case of stylish looks and fantastic interiors , such as the features provided in it , it have a very much well furnished inner and a great seating adjustments with all the things added in it for the entertainment of the passengert such as Dvd player speaker and many more .It is also ruled the market for its latest safety features included in it such as safety bags at the time of any accident but comressing all the features in a car have made it somewhat expensive which is only one of the negative point for the people.

Deepak   2015-08-05

The car has a lot of plus points as if compared with other cars such a great comfort level included in it , it takes care of each type of need of th customer in it due to the fantastic features added it it by the company for the user privilage ,such as amazing user interface , interior designs , various controls and the most i8mportant feature is the safety feature added in it such as air bags , coming out at the time of accident which have made it one of the totally modernize car for the modern needs and demands ,but the main matter for the people is it’s price , it has a great user interface and a lot of features which made it really expensive for the normal people and and it’s handeling and maintainance is too costly , so , it not for any low income people.

Yatin   2015-08-07

The Volvo V40 Cross Country is based on the Volvo V40 Luxury model and comes with a choice of either an all wheel drive petrol or front wheel drive diesel engine, which is one of the best thing. It have a 2.5 litre five cylindered engine and goes from 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds only which is one of the great feature which we can see. Fuel consumption is 8.4litres per 100km using the combined cycle measurement. The exterior also gains a black plastic bodykit front and rear, a honeycomb mesh grille, upright daytime running lights, scuff plates, additional black high-gloss frame around the windows and wing mirrors , on the other hand it is too much costly.

Rishank   2015-08-09

Volvo V40 Cross Country the premium modern interior isn’t too dissimilar to the standard V40 luxury. Buyers still get great ergonomics, standard leather, safety features and driver aids to keep you out of trouble and also having the air bag feature for the protection of the passenger.if we come to see it’s negative features is it’s high cost and high maintainance cost ,which is not affordable for every one . But on the other side it has a lot of features such as looks and it’s interior designs which use to neglect the negative features , As, in total this wonderful car has a lot of features in comparision to it’s few negative features.

tanam   2015-08-11

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