200 km/h+ ice wheelie sets record

200 km/h+ ice wheelie sets record

Snapshot: Riding a BMW S1000RR, 24-year-old Swedish rider Robert Gull has become the first person to wheelie a motorcycle at over 200 km/h on ice

Swedish rider Robert Gull sets Guinness World Record by wheeling over ice at a speed more than 200km/h with the help of BMW S1000RR. Last year, the 24 year old broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice when his overall speed of 183.8 km/h smashed the 2013 record that was set by American Ryan Suchanek on a frozen lake in Wisconsin on a Kawasaki ZX-10R. Then, he progressed to do even a faster wheelie, by reaching an overall speed of 189.1 km/h. Robert have a reputation of setting flying records over ice; recently he crossed over 200 km/h on ice while carrying a pillion.

“Despite that, everything felt great and I was really comfortable on the bike,” he says. “It felt like we were ready for the record attempt and from earlier experience I knew it would be hard, but that I would for sure do my best.”

Winters can’t stop Swedish riders, instead of roads these riders use smooth iced tops of frozen lakes, and spiked tyres instead of sticky rubber. With such cold season for several months every year, why go skating or ice hockey when u can roll on RR instead. Weather was warm and so February 28th was chosen to be the official attempt to break Guinness World Record. Couple of tyres was tested in the rear before finalizing the tyre for the record.

“Now we have to send all material to Guinness to get it approved and made official,” commented a delighted Robert. “I know that many other riders across the world will attempt to beat this record before the summer. I’m not sure if they will succeed, but whatever happens, I’ll remain satisfied because I was the first one in the world to wheelie over 200 km/h on ice.”

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on 2015-03-19 11:48:14

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