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2014 Limited Edition Ural MIR be cool with a 'Bro' at side!!!

2014 Limited Edition Ural MIR be cool with a 'Bro' at side!!!

Snapshot: You would be enlivened to know that it comes with a custom tonneau cover that uses reflective insulation just like the space blankets developed by NASA for astronauts.

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Forgive us for the “Sholay” reference, but we just cannot help it, legendary Mr. Bachchan and the ever so handsome Dharmendra with their side car, having some ‘Bro-some’ time, has got to be on your list of ‘I got to do this with my Bestie’.

Ural, the Siberian Company, is a specialist in sidecars. In 2012, Ural launched its nuclear ice breaker inspired Yamal model. For 2014, Ural has introduced its limited edition model, the Ural MIR – homage to the 20th anniversary of the joint Russian-American space program Shuttle-Mir.

Each MIR is painted Orbital White and is coated in a blue pearl clear coat. The bikes are fitted with a solar panel to serve as a battery tender and accessory power source, and dual high-intensity LED lights mounted on the sidecar. The panel can be swapped for the included sidecar nose luggage rack, if extra storage is more desirable, then sunlight trickle charging.

The MIR also comes with a custom tonneau cover that uses reflective insulation, similar to the space blankets developed by NASA. And, last but not the least, we have the wrench. For emergency repair work, the wrench comes complete with an embedded QR code for very special “when all else fails” emergency repair instructions. The MIR also features rider and passenger windshields, a spare tire, “MIR” LE badging, and on-demand 2WD.

Twenty MIRs will be constructed for $16,999 a piece, and will be available in November 2014.

Now, all we need to get on this, get our bestie, and hunt for a Gabbar. Tell us, who would you take with you for a ride, if you had this at your disposal?