2015 Aprilia RSV-4 RR - worlds best handling superbike now with 201bhp!!!

2015 Aprilia RSV-4 RR - worlds best handling superbike now with 201bhp!!!

Snapshot: The worlds best handling superbike joins he 200bhp club!!

Since inception and launch, the Aprilia's superbike contender, the RSV-4 has been considered the best handling superbike of them all. Many great bikes came and moved on to have various updates but the Aprilia's master piece has remained to be the best in the handling department ever since.

Though in previous years the Aprilia has fallen short in terms of Power outputs as compared to its main rivals, especially its European counterparts like the Ducati Panigale, BMW S1000RR, and the MV Agusta F4 (in its numerous avatars). As is in the air these days, Aprilia has too gone ahead and gifted its flagship a considerable power boost and the 2015 Aprilia RSV4 RR makes a cool 201hp from its 999cc V4 engine, with peak torque coming in at 84.81 lbs•ft at 10,500 rpm.

Not only does the 2015 Aprilia RSV4 RR make 16hp more than its predecessor, but it’s also three pounds lighter (1.5kg). Aprilia says the power gains come from reducing internal frictions, improving combustion efficiency, and fluid dynamic efficiencies. These changes allow the RSV4 RR to rev higher than before, and thus make more power. The airbox has also be redesigned, new fuel injectors have been added, and the variable air ducts were given a greater range of motion. Aprilia also boasts that the RSV4 RR is the first street bike to have dedicated servo units actuating the two throttle bodies of each bank, which allows the throttle valves and the quantity of fuel injected, to be controlled independently.

Helping make that possible is Aprilia’s advanced electronics package, APRC, which has also been updated for 2015 into a second-generation system. Titanium valves, lighter con-rods, new gear ratios, and a new exhaust system complete the mechanical changes. While the RSV4 RR looks much like its predecessor, Aprilia says that the front-end of the bike has been completely redesigned. The front fairing gives more protection to the wind than before, there are LED parking lights in the three headlight design, and the mirrors are all new as well.

The swingarm has been lengthened by 14mm, though the rest of the chassis remains untouched. However, Aprilia’s chassis allows for a great deal of adjustment, and from the factory the engine will now be set at the lowest height adjustment setting, for better weight centralization. 

For riders who are looking for more from their machine, the Aprilia Race Pack adds Öhlins suspension, and aluminum forged wheels, for an added cost of course.

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