26 percent hike in Yamaha India's June sales

26 percent hike in Yamaha India's June sales

Snapshot: Yamaha India getting good response in terms of sales and exports figures after the launch of Fascino scooter

Yamaha India has come up with some of the good products like Saluto and Fasicno in past few months and may be this helped Yamaha to grow their sales figures by a good 26 percent in last month. Not only this, Yamaha India is also planning to introduce the much awaited R25/R3 to Indian market by 2015 last quarter. After the launch we are quite sure that this will further boost the growth figures of Yamaha India. Last year in the month of June, Yamaha sold 40,666 two-wheelers in India and compared to June 2015 sales Yamaha sold 51, 432 units which is a jump of good 10K units. Apart from the domestic sales, Yamaha India experienced a 15 percent growth in terms of exports, the numbers jumped from 12,819 units in June 2014 to 14,709 June 2015.

Roy Kurian, Vice President, sales and marketing, said, "The incessant growth numbers are a sign of Yamaha’s robust business plan and strategic customer engagement programs. This month we witnessed brisk growth due to our robust product line-up and new launches during the year so far. Our new stylish Scooter ‘Fascino’ and 125 cc bike Yamaha Saluto, have indeed been key in boosting our sales. Also, the new range of Alpha, Ray and Ray Z scooters for the year 2015 enabled with Yamaha’s next generation ‘Blue Core’ engine concept continues to be a fundamental growth driver for us. We are hopeful on our sales growth and will be able to post some record numbers in the coming months."

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