650 motorcyclists riding together for Moto Day on World Motorcycling Day 21st June

650 motorcyclists riding together for Moto Day on World Motorcycling Day 21st June

Snapshot: On this World's Motorcycling Day a group of 650 riders will be riding together on Moto Day event in Pune

A special motorcycle ride event is organized by Moto Dreamz a company that is specialized in organizing riding events and mountain bike riding situated in Pune. Riders from around the country will be riding together on the World Motorcycling Day’s ride event. The whole concept of the Moto Day event ride started from an ace navigator, Rahul Sancheti.

As explained by Sancheti, “Given that June 21 is the longest day of the year; it makes an ideal day for bikers to kick-start their machines for a longest dawn-to-dusk cruise. We want to provide a platform for the biking community wherein they would be able to showcase their passion of free spirit for motorcycling”. The ride will commence from the Chandani Chowkk, Pune and is scheduled to the destination, the Lavasa International Cultural Centre or LICC. The Moto Day ride event is one of those events where there are no restrictions based up on the bike, where it’s a higher cc motorcycle or low, everyone is welcome regardless of the bike they are riding.

“This is the first event in India not restricted to certain make or power of the machine. Our theme is to connect bikers across the board—from 100cc Hondas to 2300cc Triumphs. Triumph motorcycle owners from across the country are specially coming for Moto Day event,” informed Neeraj Athale of Moto Dreamz.

All the safety measures are arranged for the bike ride throughout the route along which the bike ride is scheduled. The ride will be done in groups consisting of 50 riders each, a batch of 50 riders will start the run followed by the next batch after a gap of five minutes and all will assemble at the entrance gate of Lavasa Lake City. There are various other events including Off-road and on-road practice sessions, interaction and networking with bikers organised for the day.

“This is only second year we are doing this and the response is overwhelming,” said Sancheti.

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