A 1910 Winchester is the world's most expensive motorcycle

A 1910 Winchester is the world's most expensive motorcycle

Snapshot: It's not a MTT Y2K and surely not a Dodge Tomahawk, but it's a motorcycle that was sold for $ 5,80,000 a few months ago and was made by a company most of the people have never heard of

Yesterday, while flipping through the websites I came across something that was not only mind boggling, but also made me research a lot, and to be honest, I like this thing about my profession. There is nothing known as 'know it all man'.

The bike we are still looking at in disbelief here is a Winchester that was made some 104 years ago and was sold for $ 5,80,000 which amounts to Rs 3.45 crores roughly. The fact that this Winchester is the same iconic gun manufacturer who got into motorcycle making business just between 1909 and 1911 and made just 200 bikes makes this story all the more surreal.

The production model used to have six horse power, single cylinder Marsh Metz engine and had no gearbox, hence was clutchless. The motorcycle had a very basic and simple design, no state-of-the-art features and weighed a good 250 pounds.

Sources also report that the seller of this motorcycle confirmed the sale through Worldwide Auctions last year, and also confirmed the ownership of another Winchester that is a 1909 make and is also up for grabs. All you need to do is to spend $ 5,20,000 (Rs 3.10 crores) and you can have it in your garage. 

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