A new Burnout Guinness world record set by 300 Philippines Riders

A new Burnout Guinness world record set by 300 Philippines Riders

Snapshot: 300 Philippines Riders came together to perform a simultaneous burnout

Motorcycles have been making and breaking records weather it’s for highest motorcycle ever made, longest wheelie popped on ice, world’s smallest motorcycle ever built or anything else related to motorcycles. This time a new Guinness world record was made by 300Philippines Riders for simultaneously performing a burnout altogether. This gathering of 300 motorcycles was organized by local manufacturers Ropali, Kymco and FDR Tires. All of the 300 riders also included some people who never performed a burnout ever before, for those riders a special training session was organized in which they were taught the basics of performing a burnout.

The session included holding on to the front disc brake and accelerating at the same time while continuing the burnout for at least 3 seconds. First attempt was wasted but second attempt was successful in making the record. Apart from scooters and smaller motorcycles, big brands also made their presence felt to the event including BMWs, Ducatis and Harleys. One of the organizers stated that “This was part of a series of Guinness World Record attempts made for the fundraising of the National Historic Commission of the Philippines (NHCP)”.Similar records have been made in the past, last same kind of record was made in 2006 when Harleystunts and Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson teams from Maryville came together and around213 motorcycles joined in for doing a simultaneous burnout.

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