Alta Motors Redshift MX and the advent of Electric MX

Alta Motors  Redshift  MX and the advent of Electric MX

Snapshot: And now we have Electric MotoCross bikes...well.....

We will not deny the fact that he advent of electric drive technology and its usage in two wheelers  have given us hardcore petrolheads countless hours of dreadful thoughts. Even a whisker of sense that we may be heading towards the times where there may no longer be those loud high revving internal combustion engines, no rapid up-shifts to accelerate out of the corners or those precise downshifts to drop down the pace as we go into a deep corner, instead there will only be a sad whine of a electric motor with insanely linear power surge, Yes we still dread those days are coming.

Do not get us wrong, the electric motorcycles have been becoming mighty capable performers too, and have win matching their fuel burning counterpart of specs too. One of the companies that are trying to get this electric motorcycle concept to a more rugged and well, a slightly more insane level is Alta Motors, with their Redshift MX motorcycle.

On Alta Motors official website you can read how passionate these guys are about these electric motor thingies  they say that they build electric bikes because they love instant throttle response and flat, endless torque. The first sketches of the Redshift began in San Francisco in 2007. Two riding buddies, Derek Dorresteyn and Jeff Sand, with a few decades of fabrication, engineering and design expertise between the both of them, fell in love with the idea of the smooth, perfectly responsive torque curve. Naturally, they started kicking around the possibilities for building their own electric motorcycle— a motorcycle that could be faster and more rideable than their gas bikes.


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on 2015-02-05 01:07:20

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