Ariel gets back into the motorcycle business with Ace

Ariel gets back into the motorcycle business with Ace

Snapshot: The makers of the wild Atom sportscar are back with a highly customisable motorcycle

Recently, the makers of Ariel Atom unveiled their latest offering to the world of automobiles - Ariel Ace. Ariel Ace is nothing less than spectacular in every way possible. It not only comes with a Honda VFR1200 engine that produces a whopping 173bhp of power and 130Nm of torque, but also allows the owner to customise it the way he/she wants. The customisation options restrict us to categorise it as it can be made to look like a cruiser, a naked bike, a fully-faired sportsbike or anything your imagination can think of.

Owners will be able to choose various parts like front and rear suspensions, handlebars, bodywork, size of fuel tank and exhausts. Wheels can be chosen from a lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium option made specially for the Ace

The Ace will be manufactured by its British owners in Somerset from the beginning of 2015. Ariel plans to keep the production limited to 100-150 units a year with a starting price of £20,000 (Rs 20.5 lakhs). The Ace will do 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds and will reach a top speed of 165mph (265kmph).

Just like the VFR the Ace will also use a single sided shaft to transfer the power to the rear wheel. The bike will either us a conventional 6-speed transmission or Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission System which has automatic and semi-automatic modes.

In a press release Ariel said, "The Ace represents the first new motorcycle from Ariel for over 50 years and builds on a history that began in 1870 making revolutionary bicycles and patenting the spoked wheel.  More recently known for the iconic Atom, Ariel were famous throughout the last century for innovative motorcycles such as the four-cylinder Ariel Square Four and the two-stroke, pressed steel frame Ariel Arrow. The new Ace reinforces Ariel’s tradition, both old and new, of all that’s best in British innovation, performance, quality and craftsmanship."

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