Avenger rages its way into Top 10 best selling Motorcycles!

Avenger rages its way into Top 10 best selling Motorcycles!

Snapshot: Whoever ever counted the Avenger brand down should see its staggering sales numbers!

The Avenger brand of cruisers by Bajaj Auto has always been loved by the Indian Motorcycle markets, and with the recent expansion of the brand into three variants from a traditionally single model brand has seen a rather big jump in the sales number of the Avenger. The sales have been so good that Avenger, for the first time in its history has joined the top 10 motorcycles in sales numbers in India with a staggering sale of 20,182 units in December 2015, the sales especially growing after the arrival of the face lifted versions in 220cc and 150cc on October 27th, 2015.

These numbers showcase that within just 2 months of launch the new Avenger's have found love big time from the Indian motorcycle buyers and the sales are showing an upward graph already. Looking deeper into the numbers, the newly added 150cc range in Avenger brand saw sale of  9,234 units for the smallest Avenger model yet while its bigger siblings i.e. the Avenger 220 Street and the Avenger 220 Cruise saw themselves becoming part of 10,948 households.

The change in the fortunes of the avenger brand is evident by the fact that , during the same time for 2014, the Avenger 200 Dts-i could only manage a sold units number of 2,908. These numbers mean that even Bajaj was taken by surprise since Bajaj had set a target of 9000 units for itself, which was three times the average sales of Avenger in last 6 months. Since, then the target numbers have gone up and the production has been beefed up to meet with the demand that has crossed more than 7 times of the monthly average of the 'before' facelift Avenger 220 Dts-i.

And this is not all, we have been hearing mild rumours about Bajaj Auto working on bringing a bigger, more powerful engine to the Avenger brand this year, and if that is true (We certainly hope so) then these are great times to be a fan and lover of the Bajaj Avenger! Do share your views with us regarding the same. Ride Safe!

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