Bajaj Auto's Big Boys - the CS400 and The RS400 arriving this Financial Year

Bajaj Auto's Big Boys - the CS400 and The RS400 arriving this Financial Year

Snapshot: The Big Bad Bajaj Pulsars are arriving this Financial Year!!!!

We have been talking about this since some time now, and were sure that Bajaj Auto will return after a pretty sluggish couple of years in the market. Like the saying goes, "Old Habits Die Hard", Bajaj Auto has had a habit, since years now, of shaking up the Indian 2-wheeler industry like no other company. The comeback of sorts for Bajaj started back in early 2014, when it showed the world a glimpse of what was cooking back at their R&D centre at Pune.

The two sub 400cc concepts, the fully faired SS400 and the tastefully done Power Crusier-ish CS400 stunned the audience as they came out to be the most talked about displays of the AutoExpo 2014. As the Indian motorcyclist community waited for the release of these two beauties. However, it was not just India, there was a clear excitement about these two bikes from Bajaj around the world too, especially in the entire South-East Asia.

Come 2015, Bajaj stated that it will be launching at least 6 new bikes and model upgrades this year. The staggeringly fuel efficient Platina came, and so did the CT100 made a comeback for tier 3 cities. Then, it was the time for the expansion of India's most loved bike series, the Pulsars. First came the RS400, true to its elder brothers in your face mean styling, Bajaj sticking true to the news that a 200cc variant will come before the bigger and more badass 400. Then there came the shocker in terms of the Adventure Sports series, no one knew about it, and bang it was launched just yesterday, the whole world was reminded of the time when the original Pulsar 200 Dts-i came out of nowhere. This Pune Based motorcycle behemoth always has a trick or two up its sleeve.

Now great news is coming in through a discussion of Bajaj Auto Boss with PTI, Rajiv Bajaj, managing director of Bajaj Auto, said that the Pulsar 400 will be launched “some point in this financial year”. Upon launch, the Pulsar 400 will be the new flagship of the brand, he confirmed. Expected to come with FI tech and Bajaj's Patented triple spark technology, the RS400 already promises to be one of the fastest Sport Tourers in the country in a sensible pricing bracket and Bajaj is sure to offer ABS when it launches the product.

On the other hand, the CS400, is one model that we have been the most excited about as it not only promises to create a whole new segment in the Indian motorcycle market but also might just prove to be the most apt motorcycle design for the various terrains the country has to offer for the riders. It can be considered as a modern take on a power cruiser ideology, a rather stunning one at that, the CS400's muscular and mean styling with a focus on providing an ergonomic posture for long rides is just an outstanding combination for the Indian market. At the time of showcase, Bajaj said that the CS400 was 50 percent production ready, though the company did not disclose engine specifications of both motorcycles. 

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