Bajaj Auto's official statement on Pulsar RS200's rim breaking accident

Bajaj Auto's official statement on Pulsar RS200's rim breaking accident

Snapshot: Mohsin Patel’s crash raised questions on the safety and build quality of Pulsars, Bajaj Auto has now released official statement regarding the same incident after a brief investigation on the crashed out Pulsar

Few days ago we reported an incident involving the breaking of Pulsar RS200’s front rim that led to serious injuries on Mohsin Patel (the person riding the motorcycle) and his wife. Both of them were hospitalized after the crash, following the incident, Bajaj auto departed a team of engineers to investigate the motorcycle. According to the images revealed on the social media website, the rim appeared to be broken in a shady manner. After the crash, Mohsin Patel updated on a social media website that under hard braking, the rim from the front wheel shattered completely leading to the fall. After investigations were complete, Bajaj Auto has come up with an official statement regarding the controversial incident.

Our team has now completed the investigation and the detailed results are as follows:

  1. The breakage of the alloy wheel was caused by a side impact of a rigid object on the front tyre and rim at a speed of approximately 80 kmph from the right hand side.
  2. The high speed side impact broke the alloy spokes and caused the front fork to bend to the left. The direction of forces on the wheel is clearly borne out by visible marks on the front wheel rim and distortion of the front fork.
  3. These physical external marks are consistent with fracture analysis displaying directional stress fracture and crack propagation perpendicular to the plane of the wheel from the right to the left. The initial fracture took place in three (3) spokes closest to the impact point. The rest of the spokes failed on account of dynamic overload.
  4. The rider had claimed that the wheel rim broke under hard braking. Had this been true, one should have seen the fracture initiation from the front of the spoke & end at the back of the spoke. The fracture is from right side to left. Hence it can be concluded that this is a clear case of side impact. The wheel is not the cause of the accident, the opposite is true – the accident has damaged the wheel. This wheel cannot break under hard braking. The speed of impact can be estimated from the nature of wheel breakage and the extent of bending of the front fork
  5. No defective component has been found on the said Pulsar RS200 motorcycle.
  6. Due to the side impact and corresponding damage, the rider lost control of the bike and fell. 


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on 2015-07-27 04:10:56

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