Bajaj Avenger is arriving with a 200cc unit from Pulsar 200NS this year

Bajaj Avenger is arriving with a 200cc unit from Pulsar 200NS this year

Snapshot: The new way of feeling like god arriving this year, Avenger to get the heart of Pulsar 200NS soon!!

The only true blue cruiser this side of the Hyosung Aquila GV250, the cult favourite and now iconic Bajaj Avenger will finally see transplant of heart for the first time in 5 years this year when Bajaj will transform it with the engine from the Pulsar 200NS engine, their most powerful engine till date in its carburetted form.

The last update to the Avenger which see it origins in the spectacular Eliminator from the times of Kawasaki Bajaj JV in India. It was rechristened the Avenger 220 when in 2010 Bajaj plonked in the Pulsar 220 Dts-i engine into it. Ever since, without any update the Avenger still sells around 3000 units per month, showing it sheer brand value and following in the hearts of Indian tourers. Luckily through its half a decade long existence, no other manufacturer could bring a product to match the Avenger 220 in terms of prices, the closest being the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, but the RE costs almost a whopping INR 50,000more than the Bajaj. However, Bajaj has now decided to honour the Avengers incredible run without any much fuss is going to introduce the incredible engine from the Pulsar 200NS to pump in some freshness into the country’s most affordable cruiser.

According to reports, the Pune based company will launch the new Avenger 200 by this year’s end, effectively around the festival season. Interestingly, before the upgrade to the 220cc engine, there used to be an Avenger 200 but it was based on the engine from the versatile and hugely popular Pulsar 200's 200cc Dts-i twin spark engine. This time around, the Avenger 200 will arrive back with the triple spark 200cc unit from the Pulsar 200NS, which is not just more powerful, but also the most refined unit Bajaj has produced till date.

Expected to arrve in a state of tune and with gearing to suit the cruiser laid back feel, part from the gain in power, the new Avenger 200 will be equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, unlike the 5-speed unit found in the present model. This time around we certainly hope that breaking will improve with an addition of rear disc brakes, however an ABS seems to be a far-fetched thought as of now, at least to us.

Though chances of any major change in the aesthetics of the bike are unexpected, but we would like to request Babaj to come out with a more contemporary looks, something reminiscent of the ne Kawasaki Vulcan S will be a total awesomeness. Though, pricing is still not evident, however, we are certain that the new Avenger will still be less than a price of 1 lakh ex showroom Delhi.

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