Bajaj bringing More Discovers in 2015!

Bajaj bringing More Discovers in 2015!

Snapshot: It is high time Bajaj reclaims its lost ground!

Bajaj is going through a little bit of a bad phase in terms of Motorcycle sales since a couple of years. This lull has motivated Bajaj to revisit their plans for the Indian market. Things are about to get aggressive as Bajaj is waking up with a product onslaught that has been strategically design to decimate its competitors.  

The Pulsar 200SS is ready to start the new phase of Pulsar Legacy while reports are coming in that say new Discovers are also in pipeline. Bajaj will be launching a new variant of the Discover in the 125cc segment. Having launched the new Discover 150 F/S earlier this year, the company is taking a top down approach and will go back to the second biggest motorcycle market in the country currently dominated by the Honda Shine. While details are scarce on the new Discover 125, it will retain the same principle seen on the new 150cc model offering a combination of low cost and high mileage. 

In addition to the Discover and the Upcoming Pulsar 200SS, Bajaj’s next mainstream offerings will be the comprehensively revised Pulsar 150 NS that will compete in the segment it created all those years ago. The automaker is expecting the new Pulsar and Platina models to improve its market share by 2 percent, while the Discover brand is expected to be a major volume spinner taking the total market share to 25 percent. The company aims to achieve a market share of 30 percent by the end of 2015, which is currently floating between 15-20 percent

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