Bajaj Discover to be succeeded by a new sub-brand in future?

Bajaj Discover to be succeeded by a new sub-brand in future?

Snapshot: Is Bajaj gearing to bring whole new bike range with a new name that will replace Discover sub brand?

There have been rumours circling around regarding Bajaj Auto's plans to introduce another sub-brand in between the Platina and the Discover sub brands for some time now. However, now it seems there has been a change in plans at Bajaj and a bigger change might be arriving soon enough with the new sub brand destined to eventually replace the much popular and successful Discover brand.

The old rumours suggested that a new sub brand will be launched with a 125cc motorcycle, however, as per the latest news reports, the first bike under the new Bajaj sub-brand will be a 150cc model and that it is rumoured to be coming with a ‘special feature’ that will debut on it. This new sub brand will have motorcycles in the range of 125cc and 150cc and will be designed to be more modern and snazzier than the Discover models, which it will eventually replace.

These new Bajaj bikes with a new name will be designed from scratch and are being developed to arrive at a premium as compared to the current Bajaj commuter (and power commuter) range. Thus, we should be ready to witess a whole new breed of new age commuters from Bajaj as it starts gearing up to win back the market share it has lost in last couple of years.

Though Bajaj is not slated to arrive at the 2016 Auto Expo, scheduled in February 2016, but expect the details and confirmation about this news from Bajaj before the middle part of next year. This has got us all here a bit exited too, for Bajaj has a history of pulling a cat of the bag and surprise the daylight out of the competition and change the entire dynamics of the market. Thus, it would be safe to assume, that Bajaj might just be preparing to change the way we see commuters once and for all, and it will be welcome revolution.

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on 2015-12-23 03:47:34

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