Bajaj Discover's sales dropping down month by month

Bajaj Discover's sales dropping down month by month

Snapshot: Even after introducing four different variants of Discover, Bajaj failing repeatedly to hike the Discover’s sales

Sales of Bajaj Discover is falling down straight at a fast rate as only 21,405 units of Bajaj Discovers were sold in the month of May. Bajaj Auto introduced Discover back in 2004 for the first and Discover has proved many times how successful it was in the past. While there was a time when its sales numbers crossed over a lakh in a single month and presents sales figures is merely one fourth of it. Despite introducing four variants of Discover, Bajaj Auto has been failing time and again in lifting up the sale of Discover series. Bajaj is currently selling four variants namely the entry-level Discover 100 and 100 M, the 125cc and the recent 150cc Discover. In last month sales of 21,405 units of Discover, a big number of motorcycles were the entry-level 100 and 100M Discovers.

In India, the entry-level commuter motorcycle segment is ruled by Hero mostly and with its offerings such as Splendor, Passion and HF Deluxe, Hero managed to sell a whopping 4,39,247 units last month. Observing this downfall in the entry-level commuter motorcycle segment, Bajaj Auto re-launched its once famous CT100 again few months back, since its launch CT100 has been rolling up the line and its sales figures are climbing up slowly and steadily every month. Last month, Bajaj manage to sell around 66,263 of the CT100s in the market. 

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