Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS: First video released.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS: First video released.

Snapshot: Bajaj has revealed the first TV commercial for their Adventure Sport bike series.

The Pulsar 200 AS and 150 AS were launched by Bajaj on 14th of April this year. Bajaj has just released a TV commercial for the bikes which outlines the features that these bikes have to offer. The Pulsar 200 AS fills the gap between the Pulsar 200 RS and 200 NS. The bikes are priced under Rs. 1lakh and should specially appeal the youngsters. The bikes provide a combination of fun factor and practicality. The Pulsar 200 AS will be produced alongside the RS 200 which was also launched recently.

The advertisement has been showcased on the company’s YouTube page and highlights the touring capabilities of the bikes. The 200 AS shares it underpinnings with the 200 NS. The 200 NS uses triple spark plugs and a carbureted engine to produce a maximum power of 23.5PS at 9500RPM and the 150 AS uses two spark plug and produces 17PS at 9500RPM.

The difference between the 200 NS and 200 AS is that of a fairing, projector headlight and a tall windscreen which only the latter has. The styling and other bits remain the same between bikes.  Although the riding characteristics of the bikes would essentially be the same the company is trying to position the bikes differently to cater different buyers.

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