Bajaj Pulsar 220/180/150 now available in three new colours

Bajaj Pulsar 220/180/150 now available in three new colours

Snapshot: Bajaj tries a shot in the arm to the fledgling sales of its 150 cc and 180 cc Pulsars by giving them three new dual-tone colours. The 220 and 200 NS are also available in similar shades

Bajaj's Pulsar 220, 180, and 150 models are all available now in three new dual-tone colour options. The new additions for the 220/180 are Cocktail Wine Red, Sapphire Blue and Metallic White, while the 150's are named Platinum Silver, Plasma Blue and Cocktail Wine Red. The Pulsar 200 NS was the first to get these new shades and though the 220 and 180 got the brush treatment earlier this month  Bajaj did not take much time to liven up the 150 too and you can now specify yours in any of the three new colours as long as the base colour of the bike remains black. 

Yes, don't let the "Pearl Metallic White" fool you into picturing yourself riding a bike similar to a cop's all-white Pulsar. Far from it in fact - all three bikes' fairing and fuel tanks remain black but have streaks of the 'other' colour on them. However, the front fender and also the mid and tail sections are lashed in the secondary colour.
We know that Bajaj will soon launch the new 180 and 150 Pulsars based on the lines of the NS 200. So, the manufacturer is looking at this new-paint exercise as a stop-gap arrangement while it sorts its labour woes, the news of which we had brought to our readers last week.

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on 2014-04-24 02:29:07

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