Bajaj sales increase by 3% this June

Bajaj sales increase by 3% this June

Snapshot: The numbers posted by the third biggest two-wheeler company in India were not so impressive, but respectable

In June 2013, Bajaj Auto had sold 2,54,544 two-wheelers whereas this year it sold 2,64,202 units which makes it a 3% jump in terms of volumes. Bajaj also witnessed a 55% jump in the sales of its commercial vehicles and exports also witnessed a 12% jump.

As for the April-June quarter, Bajaj exported 22% more two-wheelers than last year and the number of units exported were 4,41,967 which formed a considerable part of the overall two-wheelers sold by Bajaj in the quarter.

Of the entire sales across the portfolio of Bajaj in the quarter, motorcycles comprised 8,74,858 units making Bajaj a winner at a time when the entire sector is witnessing a slowdown. 

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on 2014-07-02 02:53:15

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