Bajaj to solely concentrate on manufacturing motorcycle, no scooters

Bajaj to solely concentrate on manufacturing motorcycle, no scooters

Snapshot: Bad news for scooter lovers, Bajaj Auto will not make a comeback to the scooters

At the recent Bajaj Pulsar AS launch event Mr. Rajiv Bajaj cleared the smoke on the discussion if Bajaj would make a comeback in manufacturing scooters. Rajiv Bajaj stated that they would rather follow Harley Davidson model than that of the General Motors.

He further explained what he meant by that, he added General Motors are present in every possible segment in the car industry. Be it luxury sedan, electric car, sports car, or an entry level hatchback; they are everywhere. GM is amongst the top 3 car makers in the world. But at the end of the day, when you look at the profit/loss register, their books are in red. Yes. They are in loss, and not making any profit. On the other hand, we have Harley Davidson. A motorcycle manufacturer who has always concentrated on a niche segment in the two wheeler industry (one can doubt that after the Street 500 and Street 750, but anyways). Their sales figures aren’t much (2014 register says 2.67 lakh motorcycles sold globally); but even then, they make a few billion dollars in profit!”

Bajaj auto already tops the charts in India when it comes to being the no.1 exporter for two-wheelers leaving behind some of the major market giants like Honda, Yamaha, and Hero. Bajaj plans to increase their business by adding 25 new international markets this fiscal. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj says that he trusts ‘Make in India’ ideology of PM Narendra Modi by not only making in India but also “making in India for the world.”

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on 2015-04-16 04:02:23

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