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Bajaj to soon launch a competitor against Royal Enfield

Snapshot: We speculate this motorcycle to be the CS400 which made its debut publically at the AutoExpo 2014.


Some time back, Royal Enfield revealed its plans to conquer the middle-weight motorcycle segment not just in India but internationally. The company said that the world motorcycle market is more concentrated towards big segment bikes and however middle-weight (350-600cc) segment is lacking that focus from manufacturers and this is exactly where Royal Enfield is planning to throw its cards. A year back, the American motorcycle maker, United Motors entered India and revealed its big plans to take on Royal Enfield and the company already launched its cruiser offerings in a highly competitive price bracket of Rs 1.6 Lakh to 1.8 Lakh.

And now the Pune based auto maker, Baja Auto, revealed its plans officially to soon introduce a competitor to Royal Enfield. We speculate this motorcycle to be the CS400 which made its debut publically at the AutoExpo 2014 but it might not be launched under the same Pulsar branding and on the other hand it will carry a totally new brand name that can better much up as a Royal Enfield competitor.

"Definitely. Every mature segment becomes a two-horse race eventually in any given market. The entire market is monopolised today by one person.... there is room for a second person. We can create a brand for that space. I am sure everyone else is thinking about it. The success of Royal Enfield is not lost out on anyone," said Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Motorcycles. 

"It could be. But, would a fellow buying a Royal Enfield 350-500 consider a brand like Avenger suitable when he sees lots of people on Avenger 150? I'm not sure. I would not say no, but I'm not fully convinced that's the best way. I'm not sure if an Avenger can impart the same charm as, say, a Royal Enfield," he added.

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