Bajaj's old War Horse P220 Sells 4 times than Karizma Updates!

Bajaj's old War Horse P220 Sells 4 times than Karizma Updates!

Snapshot: The best Sports Tourer for the Country is still a hot seller!

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 is probably one of the most complete motorcycles to have been on sale in India, ever. With, considerably good power at 22 ps, from a single cyclinder Dts-i engine and a semi fairing to take care of the wind blasts but not letting the engine go absolute melting hot (as a full faired machine would happily do). The Pulsar 220 Dts-i with its price tag is probably by far the best Sports tourer you can still buy in the country. Knowing that the sport tourer segment is the most suited segment for Indian conditions, the Pulsar 220 Dts-i does make it a point that it might just still be the best motorcycle in the Country.

Bajaj came out with 'The Fastest Indian in its Dts-i avatar (previously it was Dts-FI) in 2009, while over the years Hero Honda and subsequently Hero MotoCorp have happily utilized the R's and M's and Z's from the English Alphabet collection. Last year when Hero MotoCorp came out with their 'New' Karizma family, it was supposed to get the fight to the Pulsar 220's legend, but well, it got some unanimous reviews of the not so good kind.

According to the official sales data we have, in October 2013, Hero sold 4,922 units of the Karizma's (R and ZMR) but managed to sell only 3,172 units of the beasts (pun intended) last month (Oct 14). The P220, has been carefully and smarty kept updated without any major changes in the styling by Bajaj. It has been enough to make the P220 still sell well after so many years. And the Avenger looks as gorgeous today as the Kawasaki Eliminator did way back in 2001 – nothing came close to the bike’s form (and function) back then, and nothing does so even now.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Bajaj sold 12,803 Pulsar and Avenger 220s in October 2013, and 14,456 last month. And in the current financial year until now, April 2014-October 2014 i.e., Bajaj has sold 74,781 Pulsar and Avenger 220s and Hero MotorCorp could only manage 22,414 Karizmas, and even that number has more last gen Karizmas than the new ones.

Not just the P220 - KTM's 390 Siblings are also killing the Competition!

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