Bell working on a Helmet Tech Integrating 360?° Video Camera!

Bell working on a Helmet Tech Integrating 360?° Video Camera!

Snapshot: This is interesting, now take video of everything that surrounds you!!

It was a matter of time that the most important of riding accessories, the helmet, came into the zone of technical revolution in these times of rapid developments. As we have already discussed with you through our pieces on such technologies that are being developed to make the helmet that we know, more advanced both in terms of technology and safety and comfort. With kick starter projects like the Scully helmets to big shots automakers like BMW Motorrad, everyone is showing their interesting in making the helmet more usable for our average daily commute.

Now, Bell, a world renowned and respected helmet manufacturer has joined hands with a company known as 360fly to bring an integrated helmet technology that uses a camera mounted on top of the helmet to capture footage of everything around a rider in a 4K resolution and the resulting video can be viewed from an immersive virtual-reality perspective.

The 360fly's camera works much like the Nikon's KeyMission video camera that also has a capability to shoot videos in 360°. The integration of this 360fly camera with a Bell helmets also utilizes a built in GPS, an altimeter/barometer alongwith an accelerometer. With these additions, the 360fly system becomes capable of overlaying telemetry data into its video, and alongwith that a host of other features too.

However, the interesting bit is what 360fly plans to do in the near future with the device. 360fly is said to have promised in bringing new unseen yet important technologies to motorcyclists, essentially on the safety aspect of it all. The technology on the 360fly combined with a Bell helmets is said to bring in a system that can alert the rider of possible collisions from objects outside the rider’s field of view, an advancement to the new age of vehicle to vehicle communication.

Furthermore the same technology can be used to allow the camera to automatically track objects around the rider for filming use, and then cut the video into a “highlight” reel from the ride. Something like this can prove to be hugely beneficial for usage in insurance industry and law enforcement entities as well.

However, this is still a pretty nascent technology and it would be a tough ask for manufacturers to make it available in 2016 for mass market, but this is the future and within a decade we should be looking forward for such kinds of technologies to be common place in the market. 

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