Benelli to Unleash its Stunning Range on India Bike Week 2015

Benelli to Unleash its Stunning Range on India Bike Week 2015

Snapshot: The Stunning Italian Exotics landing at IBW to captivate the crowds....

The India Bike Week has become the thick centre of India's motorcycle Enthusiasts attention since its inception. Every year rider and motorcycle lovers from across the length and width of the country drop down to the India Bike Week hosting venue to meet and make friends and create stories with likeminded people and their love for all things motorcycles.

The 2015 India Bike Week is scheduled to be held on 20-21st Feb, 2015. This year's IBW will be even more interesting as the largest range of distinctively-Italian flavoured bikes seen in India till date will arrive with a sole target to make jaws drop and render the masses breathless. The bike in concern are none other than the stunningly gorgeous Italian Exotics from the Iconic Brand, Benelli. The motorcycles will be displayed by DSK Motowheels and the entire collection of 8 bikes will arrive to steal the show.

Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman of DSK Motowheels will unveil the  5 launch models in their new avatar . The 2015 range with their new look and colours . Also on display would be 3 new models which will be launched later in 2015. Additionally, he will announce the landmark date when the much-awaited DSK Benelli superbikes will be officially available in the domestic market.


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on 2015-02-13 04:10:19

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