Benelli working on a new 750cc motorcycle?

Benelli working on a new 750cc motorcycle?

Snapshot: The new 750cc Benelli is codenamed BJ750GS!

It looks like the iconic Italian motorcycle maker, Benelli, seems to be working on an all new 750cc street fighter motorcycle based on an exclusive new platform. The bike has been codenamed BJ750GS and from the image surfacing on the internet these days the bike seems to be one of the most aggressive offerings till date.

The current generation TNT range comes equipped with premium parts from Marzocchi, Sachs and Brembo on the other hand the BJ750GS is seen having more cost effective parts. Also Benelli’s signature under seat exhaust is seen missing on it as it can be seen wearing the side mounted exhaust. Apart from this it has a conventional centre mounted radiator instead of the side mounted radiator fans.

We expect Benelli will equip this with ABS even though none of its current generation motorcycles comes with this technology. The company has done a fabulous job in terms of extending their dealerships across the country and the company is among the top premium motorcycle brands in Indian to witness an appreciable growth. Benelli TNT 600i is the most famous motorcycle from the brand and is the cheapest 4-cylinder motorcycle available in the country. When launched the 750cc Benelli will compete against motorcycles like Triumph Street Triple and the Kawasaki Z800. 

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