Bienville Legacy Motorcycle to Debut at Goodwood

Bienville Legacy Motorcycle to Debut at Goodwood

Snapshot: Bienville Legacy runs on an engine that produces a massive 300bhp of ruthless power

When we had our first glimpse at the Bienville Legacy Motorcycle we were lost in oblivion. It was nothing like we had even seen before. It looks less like a motorcycle and more like a king’s war dog. The beauty this beast carries is simply erratic. Bienville Legacy Motorcycle is a Fuel-Injected 1645cc Motus V4 engine, and just the power output figures of this bike are enough to blow you away. The V4 engine of Bienville Legacy develops monstrous 300bhp. Yes you read it right, 300bhp it is. Even this kind of output is more than enough for cars and considering this is a bike that weighs nothing in comparison to a car 300bhp is absolutely outstanding.

The bike is nothing but a masterpiece work of art and passion that quite resembles to the work of Swiss watchmakers.  The bike is made lighter with the use of carbon fiber in almost everything. Starting from the four suspension arms, carbon fiber wheels, a single carbon composite leaf spring and carbon composite blades everything is carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber has drastically reduced the weight of the bike and added to the strength as well. Bienville will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and will be ridden by Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller (the founders of American Design and Master-Craft initiative – the company that produces this bike) on the legendary 1.8 Kilometer hillclimb course.  Only three units of the Bienville have been built as a part of ADMCi commission and this unique creation costs around $250,000 or INR 1.6 Crore.  

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on 2015-06-05 11:54:24

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