Bikeportal Exclusive - DSK-Benelli to start at Rs 2.15-2.35 lakh!!

Bikeportal Exclusive - DSK-Benelli  to start at Rs 2.15-2.35 lakh!!

Snapshot: Ho Ho ho We got just the Christmas news you wanted!!!!

Fellow Riders, Brace yourselves!! We did some good old tea leaf in a cup reading for you all and a lttle birdie has prophesized to us that the DSK-Benelli might just be going to price its range of offerings in India at not just a point where it can compete with the much established competition, but they may have plans to just annihilate the competition with their pricing. As the DSK-Benelli tie up reaches a point where the first lot of dealerships are about to get finalised and go live in January, 2015. What we could have just hit an important piece of news that - we might just be in for, a beginning of one big price war in the premium motorcycle segment in India. when the DSK-Benelli line-up launches in the third week of January'15.

We strongly expect the soon to be launched DSK -Benelli line-up to undercut the DSK-Hyosung line-up in pricing. We can deduce that, the Benelli's entry level model for India, the TNT 300 could be priced considerably less than the Hyosung GT250R which retails at Rs. 2.75 Lakhs Ex-Showroom. Saying that, one must remember, the Hyosung is a completely faired motorcycle, while the Benelli is a naked street model, and we 'reckon', owing to lesser number of parts, it will come out at around 2.15-2.35 lakhs, which will make this bike a stunning proposition in the quarter litre segment.

Furthermore, we are pretty confident that the things 'might' get even more spicy from here onwards. We all could be in for a pleasant surprise if that absolute Stunner of a beauty, the Benelli TNT 899 just arrives at a price tag around 6-6.5 lakhs ex-Showroom!!! This would mean that the BN600i and the 600GT will be yours in prices around 4-5.5 lakhs Ex Showroom. Though as per our prediction, the real shocker might just be the pricing of the iconic Madman's bike, the true Hooligan TNT 1130, which will come at 9 lakhs ex showroom, which will make it an absolutely incredible prospect whichever way you see it.

We hope, by now you would have been able to gather your breadth. Here is what we strongly believe that the pricing for the Benelli Products in India will be, as per our in depth reading of the tea leafs in a tea cup, that is...

Our 'estimation' for Pricing is as follows - 

Benelli TNT 300: 2.15-2.35 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi

Benelli TNT 600i : 4.0 -4.35 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi

Benelli TNT 600GT : 4.6 -5.0 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi

Benelli TNT 899: 6.0-6.5 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi.

Benelli TNT 1130: 9 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi.

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