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Black-Gold Colour Scheme coming for Pulsar RS200? Reports Suggest it may!

Snapshot: Will it come, Oh Yes! We WANT IT!!

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A few Months ago we shared photos of the then upcoming Pulsar RS200 that wore a rather tastefully executed all Black shade of colour with minimalistic Gold colour graphics adorning the bike. We fell in love instantly with the colour and said that it was the best colour options Pulsar RS200 would have. However, during the launch of the bike, we were a tad bit sad to see that the all black theme was given a miss and we believed that it might have been left reserved for the larger RS400 that should be arriving by March 2016.

Now, as per a report on Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Owners Group, the gorgeous shade of Black has resurfaced and the claim is supported by a photo that shows off a Black Pulsar RS200 parked at what looks like a Bajaj Dealership. Add this report to the fact that President of Bajaj Auto, Mr. Eric Vas has confirmed that the production of the Pulsar RS200 has been doubled from this month, it might just mean that new colours will be offered sooner than later on the hugely popular RS200. The bike in the pictures is the ABS model and although the angles of the bike make it look just ok, but we are certain from old spy shots that this colour will suit the new Pulsar the most.

Courtesy: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Owners Group Facebook Page